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"We are the only academy that delivers 1 on 1 online and in person classes to our students!"



Alexi Balian Launches Animation Art & Design Academy
"Alexi's work is a reminder that studying animation isn't necessarily always about getting a job at an animation studio. It can also be about communicating your love of the medium to others, and helping them develop their skills.

Figuring out how to get kids and young adults excited about animation is no small challenge, in part because the early technical barriers can be high, and animation requires a lot of patience to get right. If it's done wrong, learning animation can be a frustrating experience.

So congratulations to Alexi on figuring this stuff out, and working out a system for helping young people learn about the art and craft of this incredible medium!"

Alex Williams


Hi Mr. Balian!

I just wanted to tell you that I got into Sheridan for Bachelor of Game Design coming up this fall. I wanted to say thanks for getting me this far and ready for this course. Couldn't have done it without the in-class work!
Dylan M.

Hi Alexi,
Great news! I got an offer from Sheridan (Animation)!!!My portfolio mark was 91%. I got the news on Friday. I really want to say thank you for all the help you have given me with my artistic journey. You are a big reason why my portfolio got such a high mark!

Hey Mr. Balian!
I want to thank you for being the best teacher anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for helping me reach my full potential and showing me a different type of way to look at design and turn my creative spark into a fire.
Thank you,
Karanvir S.

I LOVED the camp more than ANY camp I've ever been to!
I learned so much such as Animation Software, Art and Drawing Styles, Techniques and Terms, Computer Controls, and a lot more.
It was FUN, FUTURISTIC, and anything I had ever done before.
I made friends, drew and designed amazing things and got a HUGE Step Closer to the Animation Career that I aspire to have.
I'm so grateful that I got to go to this camp. I have no idea how it can get any better!!
by J.


The Animation Art & Design overall was excellent.
In my experience here, made me want to take classes.
For someone that likes tech, it was amazing!
But there were things that should be improved, A CAMP THAT GOES FOR 3 WEEKS!!
One week is too short!!
C'mon people! Wake up! Animation Art & Design is TOO GOOD!
I want more. PLEASE!!
by L.


I rate this camp 5 stars.
I had so much fun and I'm glad I did the camp.
It was very cool to use Maya, SketchBook Pro, and Photoshop.
I'm so happy of all the things I made.

by E.

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